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  • Ganga Basil O3 - GBTAP01
  • Ganga Basil O3 - GBTAP01
  • Ganga Basil O3 - GBTAP01

Ganga Basil O3 - GBTAP01

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Product details

 Ganga Basil O3 device generates ozonated water at the tap. It takes the shortest length of time to generate ozonated water and requires the least amount of space and power. This device is used in a variety of applications, including homes, hospitals, spas, beauty saloons, farms, clinics, restaurants, and many others. Ozonated water has numerous applications in our daily lives, and using it makes life and health easier.


O3 water Features

·         Powerful antioxidant

·         No chemicals are added to the water during ozonation.

·         Safe and environmentally friendly process

·         Improves the taste and odour of water

·         Disinfectant


What do ozone water treatment systems remove from water?

·         Bacteria and viruses

·         Parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium

·         Hydrogen sulphide

·         Bad tastes and odours

·         Turbidity


Device features

·         Live ozone on opening tap

·         Efficient ozone level at a low water flow rate

·         Maintenance free

·         Easy switch option for normal and ozone water

·         No plumbing costs

·         User friendly


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